Monday, August 8, 2011

Custom Rom A2tude

What's up guys we are back at it again! This time with the Huawei Ascend 2!
This is a mod based on the stock Gingerbread rom.
I am not responsible for your phone don't fuck it up if you do then cry to your self.
B4 Flashing back up your apps with Titanium Back up they will be deleted !
Sync all your contacts with your Google account.
You will lose all data !
Bloatware removal:
download root explorer and navigate to cust folder And delete the apps folder.

 Thank PlayfulGod For this he is the dev.

Stuff that will be needed for install.
First things first install Cwm. Go to install to your computer and follow directions to install your phones usb drivers. Next put your phone in bootloader mode 

  • Volume down + power 
Hold untill your stuck at the white Huawei screen now the cwm folder you downloaded will have to opened and there will be three main options.
  • Install recovery Windows
  • Install recovery Linux
  • Install recovery Mac
Pick the one that corresponds to your computer A black command prompt should pop up and disappear. Your done! To confirm You have a sucessful flash take out your battery for 10 sec and reboot holding 
  • Volume Up + Power 
Hold untill you are in recovery !

Now time to back up your rom !

On recovery use the volume keys to scroll up and down
Use the menu button to select and the back button to go back.

This will ensure you that you wont break your phone
(Make sure your sd card is mounted)
Once inside of recovery mode select backup and restore and then select back up.

  • Next, go to wipe cache patition.
  • Now, go to advanced and Wipe dalvik cache.
  • Now, go to  mounts and storage, format following 
  1. Boot
  2. Data 
  3. System cache
  4. Now your ready to flash !

Go  to install zip from sd card.

  • Choose zip from sd card now choose the Rom you downloaded.
  • After it flashes go back by pressing the back key
  • You have flashed A2Tude!! Now go back to the main menu and reboot
  • (Note reboot time should be a long time up to 10min)


  1. How do you like A2Tude!!? How is the battery usage on it.

  2. Hey man, the link for your custom ascend2 rom just leads to a page with a download link that doesn't work